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Capital Software started in 1997 as a Tivoli business partner providing all-manner-of services related to the Tivoli Managed Environment (TME) Through these efforts, a product was created called enterprise-Q which we continue to extend and enhance. Today, enterprise-Q is being used to automatically manage hundreds of thousands of desktops and servers around the globe.

enterprise-Q is a software application that provides a web-based solution for Tivoli enterprise management, streamlining the Tivoli deployment process, automating much of the day-to-day operations, and dramatically improving the Tivoli experience and ROI. By automating common everyday Tivoli activities, enterprise-Q liberates experienced Tivoli engineers and empowers novice users.

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We have now released our backend queuing server, EQServer, as open source software to GitHub. You can now download and install this applications in minutes, giving you an automated command-and-control capability immediately.

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enterprise-Q v1.9 includes complete automation for ITM 6. New features include agent deployment, migration, upgrades, remote management, automated MSL assignments and more, such as depot management and agent policy methods along the lines of Allow Install, After Install, and Select Gateway.

ITM 6 Rapid Deployment is built on top of the enterprise-Q automated queuing mechanisms for completely controlling, reporting, retrying, and auditing these activities. Futhermore, these new features utilize enterprise-Q rules for automating the entire process, keeping your ITM 6 operations SOX-compliant.

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