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Located in the Dulles Corridor, just outside of Washington, D.C., Capital Software Corporation services the software development and enterprise management needs of Fortune 500 companies as well as many U. S. Government agencies.

Capital Software is powered by a team of programmers and system engineers, each of whom have been involved in Information Technologies for a minimum of 10 years. In addition to extensive practical experience in their field of expertise, each of our consultants is a trained and certified Tivoli Enterprise Management engineer.

All of our engineers adhere to one, simple philosophy: provide quality service. Capital Software prides itself on providing complete, cost-effective enterprise management and system integration solutions. With a strong background in telecommunications and software development, Capital Software not only has the experience required to engineer enterprise management solutions to fulfill the business requirements of its clients, but also the network administration expertise to ensure the product is properly implemented.

Capital Software Corporation is also an active Tivoli Business Partner. Tivoli Systems is an independent business unit of IBM founded to ensure that distributed computing offers companies a strategic advantage. Tivoli Management Environment (TME 10) has become the standard for managing network computing. TME 10 is the only fully integrated suite of products flexible and open enough to work with a host of business's corporate computing resources. Capital Software Corporation's technical staff is well versed in Tivoli's enterprise management suite and is proud to be a part of their Business Partner Program. For more information on Tivoli's enterprise management tools, visit their web site at

From our extensive experience with TME 10, our trained engineers have been able to identify and overcome some common problems associated with enterprise management. What is the number one problem which thwarts successful enterprise-wide desktop management? Answer: The need for an enterprise-wide queuing mechanism used to initiate, track, and report on enterprise management activities. Solution: Enterprise-Q. For more information on how to add 'The Q' to your enterprise, click here.

To provide full customer service in the computer industry, experienced system engineers armed with the proper tools are a must. Our staff has provided large-scale database and system support to some of the largest IT companies in the industry today. From initial network or database design to software distributions, Capital Software can provide quality one-stop-shopping for a host of enterprise management needs.