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If Tivoli is your enterprise management solution, maximize your investment by using Enterprise-Q.

Capital Software Corporation has been a Tivoli Business Partner since July 1997. Acting as an extension of Tivoli Services, Capital Software has been an integral part of many successful Tivoli enterprise management deployments. These deployments range in architecture from Framework version 3.2 to 3.7.1, in environments that include both Unix and Windows systems, encompassing nodes numbering in the tens of thousands. Through these deployment and day-to-day Enterprise Management activities, Capital Software has obtained the knowledge and skills essential to Tivoli enterprise management.

As a result of our hard work and ingenuity, Capital Software has independently designed and developed a product to automatically establish and maintain a Tivoli enterprise environment. This product is Enterprise-Q.

The Capital Software consultant team is well versed in the following areas:
  • Database Design & Maintenance
  • Enterprise Management
  • Network Connectivity
  • Software Development
  • System Administration
With these skills, our consultants can provide a wide range of services from analysis and design to software development to network management. All of Capital Software's consultants are trained and certified in Tivoli Management Environment (TME 10). Though every member of our team possesses a range of skills, each consultant specializes in a particular area.

Consequently, the appropriate consultant(s) will be specifically selected to help meet the client's needs.

The following operating systems, communication packages, languages, and platforms are included in our IT knowledge base:

Enterprise Management Tools: Tivoli TME 10 (Framework, Distributed Monitoring, User Administration, and Deployment certified engineers)

Operating Systems:
AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows NT, X-Windows, Motif, Sun OS4, IRIX, DOS

Serial, TCP/IP, NFS, sockets, X.25

Sybase v10+, Oracle v7+, Dbase, Clipper

C, C++, C-shell, VAX/VMS, UNIX shells, Perl, HTML, SQL, Java, Motif, CGI programming, Expect, Basic, AWK, SED, Z80 Assembler, ASM 80x88, FORTRAN-77, Assembly Language.