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eQ-tilities v1.6.5 is released. Download it or read more about it.

We just released enterprise-Q v1.6.5. This new release includes new aplications, enhancements, and bug fixes. We also include Perl 5.005_03 and Apache Web Server as part of the distribution, easing the enterprise-Q installation process. Please click here to evaluate enterprise-Q v1.6.5.

Please join us at the Share conference in Long Beach, CA February 24-26 in booth 341 in the exhibitor's area for a demonstration of enterprise-Q's latest capabilities.

The GA release of enterprise-Q v1.6 is now available for download or evaluation from Release and Upgrades (customers only - requires registration) and from enterprise-Q Evaluation, respectively. enterprise-Q v1.6 Release Notes are available from the Documentation page (requires registration).

eQ-tilities 1.1 is released! See the Release Notes for information about new features, or read more about this freeware offering starting with the eQ-tilities Overview page.

EQ v1.5 Technical Reference now available online for registered users of our existing customers.

EQ-1.5-Patch-0005 available now for existing enterprise-Q customers. This patch addresses some bugs found in EQ-1.5-Patch-0002.

EQ-1.5-Patch-0003 available now for existing enterprise-Q customers. This patch adds rules-based Tivoli Rapid Deployment capabilites as described on our web site.

enterprise-Q Tivoli Rapid Deployment capability now available for evaluation. Download enterprise-Q 1.5.4 to evaluate this new offering.

We updated "Patch 2 Addendum for EQ 1.5 User's Guide" and "eQ-tilities v1.0 User's Guide" guides with description of IC/MD/SP Monitor configuration pages. Please visit our Documentation page to updated version of documentation (requires registration).