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Capital Software Corporation would like to share some of our Enterprise-Q success stories. If you read these accounts, and would like additional information about these and other satisfied customers, please contact our sales department.

Client: Kemper Insurance Company, Chicago, IL

In August of 2000, Kemper purchased and installed Enterprise-Q. By December, 2000, here is what they had to say:

"Kemper Insurance Companies maintains a heterogeneous network of approximately 8,500 endpoints. To help manage this network, Kemper implemented Enterprise-Q in early 2000. Kemper currently uses Enterprise-Q to coordinate software distributions, endpoint maintenance, inventory scans and other tasks."

"Starting from scratch, it took only a few days to deploy Enterprise-Q and bring it to the level where it became a useful tool. Using Enterprise-Q, Kemper was able to inventory more than 7,100 endpoints in just six days. The same operation took three people more than three weeks to perform without Enterprise-Q. Also through Enterprise-Q, Kemper was able to upgrade 5,500 endpoints from Tivoli Management Agent version 20 to version 40 in only four days, and Kemper continues to upgrade at a rate of 200 per day. Before Enterprise-Q, upgrading anti-virus software took more than 10 people working full time almost two weeks to complete, but with Enterprise-Q, the software was queued in less than one hour and took only one person, part time, a few days to monitor the distribution via Enterprise-Q. Additionally, Kemper devised an in-house method to use Enterprise-Q to allow customers to defer software distributions to a more favorable time, a neat feature appreciated by our customers that would be nearly impossible without Enterprise-Q."

"Kemper Insurance Company looks forward to a long and profitable association with Capital Software and Enterprise-Q."

Client: Nestle, Solon, OH

Nestle USA maintains a network of 8,000 workstations and 300 servers, with nearly 200 of those servers running Windows NT and being dedicated to workstation support in some way (file-and-print, database, shared resources, etc). All 8,000 workstations run a standardized "image" which is consistant across the company, and which includes over 400 standard applications ranging from small vertical-market packages to large systems like Manugistics, PeopleSoft, and SAP.
Nestle began its Tivoli implementation over 3 years ago, with version 3.6 and has continually updated the environment since.
While many elements of Tivoli's software are used, the driving factors for Nestle's EDSM (enterprise data systems management) initiative are:
  • To send out software distribution updates to all 8,000 machines every month, maintaining the stability of the standard image.
  • To maintain an up-to-date inventory of both workstation and server hardware to be used as a tie in to both the helpdesk and asset-management systems.
  • To alert support groups to any problems that occur in order to maintain a high-availability environment.
Prior to implementing Enterprise-Q, Nestle was satisfied (but not thrilled) with the degree of success achieved in the areas of software distribution and inventory:
  • Software distribution had achieved an average success of 50 - 60% per monthly distribution (as compared to a target of 95% required by management).
  • Inventory information was not considered by most groups to be accurate or up to date.
The implementation of EQ (in mid-2000) has had the following benefits:
  • It has revealed instabilities within the endpoint management architecture, and allowed accurate identification and statistical reporting of problems as they occur.
  • It has increased software distribution success to between 60% and 80%, with additional gains expected as the endpoint environment is further tuned.
  • It has helped achieve an inventory system that is viewed not only as reliable, but also critical to the proper functioning of the helpdesk and desktop support organizations.
Enterprise-Q has become such an integral part of the overall US Tivoli environment that it was barely contested when the project for a GLOBAL implementation was announced. With very short development cycles and tight staff constraints, Nestle expects that EQ will be a critical factor in the success of this rollout.

Client: National Association of Security Dealers (NASD), Gaithersburg, MD

With nearly 5000 Endpoints, NASD began using Tivoli’s out-of-the-box capabilities for performing Inventory Scans and Software Distributions. Needing to increase productivity, NASD looked at Enterprise-Q after hearing about its automated retry, tracking and reporting capabilities. Now, NASD uses EQ exclusively for day-to-day enterprise management activities.

As a result of using Enterprise-Q, NASD reduced the time to perform desktop inventory scans across all 5000 nodes as follows:

  Calendar Days Man-Days
Tivoli Only 60 30
Tivoli w/EQ 14 2

After the ILOVEYOU virus, NASD distributed a McAfee upgrade and updated virus definition file (total File Package of nearly 10MB) to 4500 desktops in 2.5 days with minimal manpower.

Client: Chubb and Son Insurance Company, Warren, NJ

Chubb is a leading national and international insurance organization founded as a marine underwriting business in 1882. Today, with more than US billion in assets and more than 11,000 employees around the globe, Chubb serves commercial and personal customers through 5,000 independent agents and brokers worldwide. Furthermore, Chubb is consistently rated among the highest U.S. insurance carriers for quality of service in the Goldman, Sachs U.S. Research Survey of insurance agents and brokers.

In 1999, Chubb achieved success managing their US enterprise using Enterprise-Q version 1.3. Today, Chubb successfully utilizes the latest version of EQ in the United States and Europe, and continues to be a premier Enterprise-Q customer.

For more information on Chubb's success story, please contact our offices for reference material.

Client: Bank Of America (BOA), Jacksonville, FL

In the merger with Nation’s Bank, BOA met resistance to migrate 15,000 CA UNICENTER controlled desktops to Tivoli. One sticking point was the inability to queue software distributions using Tivoli, a feature used regularly in the CA UNICENTER environment. To address this, BOA turned to Enterprise-Q. After a successful demonstration of Enterprise-Q to the folks using UNICENTER, they agreed to convert their existing environment from UNICENTER to Tivoli. This process is currently taking place.

Client: Navy Medical Information Management Center (NMIMC), Bethesda, MD

Enterprise-Q is the mainstay of the Military Health Services (MHS) enterprise management initiative known as Global Enterprise Management for MHS (GEMM). In fact, Enterprise-Q is a requirement in the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the second phase of this initiative (GEMM II).

Relying on EQ rapid deployment capabilities, Capital Software Corporation and Tivoli Professional Services were able to implement a full-blown Tivoli architecture within 2 weeks at each of five (5) MHS locations. EQ rapid deployment capabilities include installing the agent, installing software, and taking an inventory of all desktops at each location, automatically. The Tivoli Managed Region (TMR) continued to expand even after leaving each location. As new desktops logged into the NT Domain, they were automatically captured into the Tivoli environment.

And, of course, Enterprise-Q was left at each site to provide a common operating environment for all GEMM sites. Since most sites do not have a Tivoli-trained support staff, Enterprise-Q is crucial to the continued success of this project.